Monday, 2 November 2015

We had a great time at pet day. Some of our class brought along calves,lambs and even a horse.

Here we are sharing time with the animals. Some of us earned certificates.
We also enjoyed participating in  craft sessions in our rooms. These crafts were judged at lunchtime.There was rock painting, hessian art and sand saucer decorating. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Artworks in Room7 

We have created scratch pictures based on a picture books about animals.

1.We had to draw the picture first and ensure it was coloured heavily.
2.We covered the picture in black paint.
3. When dry we scratched off the paint to create this special effect.
4. Finally we framed or artwork. 

Bus, scooter and bike safety.

Bus, scooter and bike safety.

11-15 May 2015
We have spent this week-4 working on bike safety.
We checked that we had a safe helmet and that it fitted us correctly.
We checked our bikes to see that they were safe to ride. We may have to adjust the seat height or check the tyres.
The best part was the practical sessions.
We got to practise stopping, turning and signalling when turning.
Here we are doing our practical sessions.
Many thanks to our instructors.

We also had scooters at school. We practised crossing driveways carefully.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Term 2 Geometry-Shape


We have enjoyed learning about shapes  in Geometry. We learnt about
2 D and 3 D shapes and their characteristics. 
Our focus was recognising a shape by its faces,corners, sides andknown shape.These shapes are prisms.

Here are our final model of 3 D shapes . Photos are taken by the children

End of Term1 ANZAC stories

We are over half way through the term. Room 7 are now well along learning all they can about ANZAC and what it means.
Here are some  some examples of work we have done concerning ANZAC.

We are learning about ANZAC day.
The day before ANZAC day is poppy day.
The soldiers went by ship and train.
Every time in April on the 25 we celebrate ANZAC day.
They built trenches so they can hide and sleep in them.

They have got very special hats to protect them.
 By Caitlin.

We are learning about ANZAC  DAY.
The soldiers have guns and they went to the trenches they go on steam train
The soldiers they hopped on a steam boats. They go different countries to fight with pistols. They wear different metal helmets.

On ANZAC day people went to war long ago   and soldiers would fight in a very bad way. ANZAC it is a poppy day.

We are learning about ANZAC.
ANZAC is on the 25 of May. Heaps of people died. in world war 1 and world war They had heaps of  guns.   By Anson.


We also had a really cool set of discovery days. Here are some clay models made by Team 2 children during those sessions. The children used the first world war photos on display in the class room to use as models.

We are looking forward to being apart of our school ceremony in Term2.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Room 7 2015

Room 7 2015 is a lively bunch of Year 3 and 4 children.
There are 27 of us. 13 girls and 14 boys.
So far the Year 4 children having swimming lesson on a Monday and a Friday for six weeks. The year 3 children are with Mrs Brooks at school.
We have home work every week.

  • We have an oral language presentation to prepare to tell the class.
  •  We have spelling words to learn
  • We have a journal and our own library books too read.

Our class has done some excellent artwork. Here are some of our artworks.
These self portraits are coloured using pastels.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Ronald McDonald visit.

We were able to see Ronald Mc Donald in the hall. Although Room 7 was involved with bike safety last term we were remindered about safe walking to school. Here are some Room 7 recounts about the visit. Ronald Mc Donald and the lost sock By Lana Shuker Last week Ronald McDonald came to our school. We learnt about road safety. The whole idea was to find his sock but on the way use road safety. He put up a bog book and turned the page,rip. It was a good lesson. On the way, we had to help Ronald mcDonald to cross the road. There were foursteps. Number 1 was to walk on the house side. Number 2 was how to tocross.Number 3. was to look out for sneaky driveways and 4. was cross safely on a pedestrian crossing. By then we were at school. Then Ronald McDonald turned around and the sock was on his back. It was a very good show. I enjoyed it. Ronald Mc Donald by Rady Penn Last week we went to the hall to watch a show.We learned to be road safe. The show began at his home. He went to wash his socks. .''I wonder where my sock is?''Ronald McDonald said. We went to find his sok. He said''Stop'',because there was a sneaky driveway. He havd to stop and look both ways before he crossed the raod. He crossed the road on a pedestrian crossing.We all have to stop. look and listen. Later Ronald McDonald chose James to help find his sock. It was on his back.